hi! i haven't found a good name yet, but you can call me opti. i've gone by other names in the past, so if you know me by another name, you can call me that too. i prefer not to give out my exact age for privacy reasons, but i'm in the zillenial range! i'm a vague girl but am trying out any pronouns.

the lyric in my bio is the first line of the first verse of this song

if you're interested, i'm a taurus sun, sagittarius moon, and aquarius rising. my MBTI type is ISTP.


i have a lot of interests. right now, the predominant ones are:

vocaloid / utau, the untamed, minecraft, legend of zelda, the elder scrolls, hunter x hunter, mob psycho 100, the adventure zone: balance, and some less-important others. (tumblr link)